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Note: Not every chapter includes a picture or video. I hope you enjoy these extra video features!
A Note From Keith 
A sampling of places I have worked on the book. 

San Diego, California

My home office.

Grinnell, Iowa


A hotel in Denver, Colorado.

Overlooking Chautauqua Lake in Mayville, New York.

My outdoor home office.

Chapter 1
Our breakfast spot in West Virginia. This is where “the guestbook” is found. 
(My truck and trailer are on the left)
Chapter 2
Our home in Uganda 

Looking out the front door. We experienced a highly unusual hailstorm.

Rachel’s daily impromptu kids club!

“Our chicken” we named Alfredo.

Chapter 6
 A few of the 42 giraffes we saw!
Chobe National Park, Botswana
This normal looking place is where God showed His HUGE heart for broken people in difficult seasons, and His stellar track record as a Restorer. The primary message of the book was revealed here. Carroll Town Park.
Frewsburg, NY.
Chapter 7
The dilapidated ‘60s era car.
Chapter 9
The Gateway Center.
Jamestown, NY
The Gateway Center Jamestown, New York__edited.jpg
Part 2: Portrait of Hope
The Gateway Center Jamestown, New York_
Chapter 10
Conducting hygiene trainings in the Copperbelt region of Zambia. Pastor Chileshi was my translator until he could conduct the trainings on his own.
Chapter 14
Kure Beach, North Carolina.

The famous fishing pier.

The special white bench.

Chapter 15
The ol’ Cub 80 before and after its restoration.
Chapter 18
A much younger me with the late Rev. Willie Downing in Mpumalanga, South Africa.
Chapter 20
Rocky Mountain backdrops are perfect for conversations about God. YMCA of the Rockies. Granby, CO.
305347446_654579576316654_2635971814623811585_n (1).jpg
Chapter 21
The original General Lee from stardom to broken to restored. Photos from The Muscle Car Place.
Chapter 22

Praying for the mountain villages of India. Within a few days I was being tempted to quit the Christian faith. Thankful for my team that intervened for me in prayer.

They say there’s one in every crowd. I’m not sure who was “it” in this group. And why did the fanny pack lose its popularity?!

Chapter 26
Boyd Lawson in his 1947 Ford, accompanied by my daughter Rachel and nephew Jonah. 
Memorial Day Parade 2012.
Busti, NY.
A few of Boyd Lawson’s handcrafted-from-scratch model cars.
A few of Bud Short’s works of art:

1931 Franklin.

1928 Ford Model A.

One-of-a-kind, operational, “Life-sized Toy Truck.”

Chapter 29
My “favorite place to write.”
Russell, PA
Available on Airbnb.
Chapter 31
This church always made me feel welcome. They have no idea how much God used them to restore me.
Gowanda, NY
Chapter 31
Chapter 44
GOD can clean us up. Photo by Terry McEntire
Chapter 51
When I felt stuck in writing, God met me here!
A very distinct wind started blowing, which assured me He would send a new wind into my writing too. A group of pastors were praying for me around this same time.
Mayville, NY.
Chapter 53
We had a campsite near here in 1990. On Father’s Day my Dad and I asked God to forgive us and let us start over with Him. He answered with a big, gracious Yes! It’s amazing how God can save a soul in an instant!
Hidden Valley Campground Kiantone, NY
Chapter 56
Decor made from pallet wood and sticks. 

Pallet wood decor made by Rachel.

“Hat and shoe bench” using pallet wood,a door, and driftwood. It’s twice as big as originally planned, thus earning the nickname “The Throne!”

Pallet wood decor made by Rachel.

Chapter 64
Sights along Historic Route 66.

Cadillac Ranch near Amarillo, TX

Tiny glimpses of the Grand Canyon

Dorian watching for Melissa & Rachel.

A drizzly, chilly Venice Beach, CA.

The Blue Hole in Santa Rosa, NM
Chapter 65

Orange dirt, tidy homesteads, and bountiful mangos.

Pastor Daniel (my translator) and the pastor who commented that the message God gave me to share was an historic day in his life.

Boda boda (Motorcycle) parking in the shade.

The palm tree plain.
Riding to the conference.
People receiving the Bible in Acholi, their native language. It was a time of celebration and reverence!
The worship experience from my corner seat.
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